Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wired Gum Paste Rose Leaves and Bouquet

The point of having gum paste roses (or any flower, for that matter) on wires is so that you can make an arrangement by taping them together with floral tape. Otherwise, you can just make them on toothpicks or pieces of uncooked, thick spaghetti. This means if you want to have any leaves in your bouquet, then they also need to be on wires. I show you how to do it in a tutorial I posted on, complete with pictures and instructions.

I posted several tutorials on that website because they were having a contest, you see. And these are all things I've been wanting to post here on my blog, but my efforts get more traffic and exposure over there. Plus, I think it's a pretty cool place for cake decorators to hang out, and there are many more tutorials posted that cover a wide range of cake decorating skills and techniques.

Once your leaves and flowers are all made, you can have a lot of fun and get really creative with petal and luster dusts to add some color and shimmer to really make your flowers look impressive. Then, you just attach them together with floral tape. I can be am very clumsy, and these petals and leaves are fragile, so I like to work over a kitchen towel. I still break stuff, which is why it's always a good idea to make extras, but at least if anything slips from my fingers it will land on a somewhat soft surface instead of shattering as soon as it hits the table.

Below is the full playlist showing how to make wired roses and leaves, as well as how to paint them with luster dust and tape them together in an arrangement. I have more cake decorating videos posted on my YouTube channel, including a few on how to pipe flowers using petal tips and a flower nail.

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