Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gum Paste Carnations--Not on Wires

Since I posted a a tutorial on how to make gum paste carnations on floral wires, which is how I originally learned to make them, I thought I might as well also post one on making wireless gum paste carnations.

This is similar to how they're made in Wilton Course 3, only I prefer to use a scalloped cutter as opposed to a plain round cutter, and I use a different frilling method. As with the wired carnations, you need to make the bases first and wait until they're completely dry before adding the petals. I think it's easier to add the calyx before building the flower because the carnation petals are fragile, and I always break a few petal edges when I put the calyx on last.

Anyway, here's the link: Gum Paste Carnations (not on wires), and while you're on the website, check out some of the other tutorials. There have been quite a few fun ones added.

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