Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spice Stack

When I started teaching cake decorating classes at the Franklin Rec Center close to a year ago, I only a had a few bottles of sprinkles. Apart from half a bottle of pastel confetti leftover from the Cupcake Cuties Kit I reviewed, all my sprinkles were holiday-themed remainders from our cookie decorating last Christmas. But I knew I'd need more of a selection than that for my students to use, so I started acquiring bottles of nonpareils, jimmies, and sugar beads as I found them on sale.
Not being one to use sprinkles much for decorating, I was--and still am!--amazed at the creativity students show when they have a wide variety of sugar shapes at their disposal. As my collection of sprinkles grew, I realized I needed a practical storage solution. After making do with a couple of plastic storage containers for a while, I saw something new on the CK Products website that looked like the answer. It's called a Spice Stack, and it's actually made to hold bottles of herbs and seasonings, but I ordered one to keep my sprinkles organized.
They actually come in two different sizes, and I got the smaller one. Mostly because it was cheaper, and I didn't want to spend more than I had to on something I wasn't sure would work or not. Also, since I have to transport all the supplies back and forth to my cake decorating classes, I was afraid the larger Spice Stack would be too heavy and/or take up too much space.
This is essentially a three-drawer rack that's meant to hold at least 18 and up to 36 bottles (or however many you can fit) of sprinkles/herbs/spices, depending on the size of the bottles. I'm sure two, maybe even three, of those wee squatty bottles of herbs could fit in each section instead of a single larger bottle.
Instructions, pre-printed labels, and blank labels are included, but because the drawers have a semi-open front, I was hoping enough of the bottles would be visible to allow me to see which sprinkles are where. Using the labels isn't a practical option for me since I change out which sprinkles I bring to class depending on the season.
I was seriously disappointed when I tried to fill up my Spice Stack and realized that only my small bottles of sprinkles fit! Then I noticed that the back of the drawers have longer sections than the front, which was a relief because most of my sprinkles are in the larger bottles.
The sides of the Spice Rack are enclosed, which I think is a good thing, because otherwise I'm not sure how stable it would be. When you open up the top drawer all the way, it feels somewhat top-heavy, and if you bump the side, the Spice Stack will sway. So, maybe this isn't meant to be transported, but I'll find out soon because I fully intend to use it during my upcoming gingerbread house, cookie, and cupcake decorating classes.
As for not using the labels, well, you can see the front row of sprinkles, which is good enough. Pulling out a drawer to see what's further back is quicker and easier than rummaging through a storage container with a bunch of bottles stacked inside.
I do like the fact that the bottom has non-skid feet, and they actually work. When I want to move my Spice Stack, I have to pick it up; I can't just push it across the table. If it turns out to be a nightmare to travel with, or it just doesn't work for use in my classes, I can always keep it at home for off-season sprinkles storage.

I'm curious to know how other cake decorators out there keep their sprinkles organized? Any tips, tricks, ideas, and product suggestions are appreciated! Please let me know by leaving a comment how you store your sprinkles and other cake decorating essentials.

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Carrie Phelps said...

I keep mine in a very disorganized basket. I love this rack!!