Sunday, June 19, 2011

Should've Done Sunday: Christmas Cake Doll

Here's another blast-from-the-past doll cake. I made this one years ago. I don't recall exactly how many, but it was at least ten and more likely closer to twelve. Really, this one isn't too terribly bad, especially when you consider that it was my very first rolled fondant doll cake, but I still see a few things I should've done differently.

First off though, I need to point out that the cake is not just another sponge cake. It's actually a rich fruit cake. Please understand that this isn't the same fruit cake Americans inflict on each other during the winter holiday season. Rather, this is a dark and dense cake made with spices, molasses, mixed peel, almonds, raisins and currants, among other ingredients. It's then soaked in booze, covered in marzipan, and finished off with either royal icing or rolled fondant. Oh, and this type of fruit cake actually tastes good. It's what the British traditionally serve at weddings and Christmas.
So with that in mind, this cake was considerably heavier than any other doll cake I'd made. Also, I didn't know how the batter would bake in my Wonder Mold doll cake pan, so I opted instead to bake multiple layers in round pans and then stack them. I cut the cake sides and edges to make the doll's skirt the right shape, but I think I should've trimmed it even more. The dress looks way too big for the doll. Especially at this angle:

I also think the dress is too tall. I can't remember now how many layers I used, but I know it was at least three. Either way, it's too dang big.

I made this cake at home and didn't have adequate work surface to roll out the fondant large enough to cover the skirt, so it's pieced together out of wide strips of fondant that I folded to look like fabric. I don't have so much of a problem with that, but I hate what I did to the top with the drapes or whatever those extra folds are supposed to be. I also don't like the pointy center thingy, and it's only there to  cover up where all those fondant fabric folds met at the top. I'm okay with her bodice, but I think I went a bit overboard on the piped beads. They do finish off the edges nicely around the doll's sleeves and neck, but I'm not convinced about them elsewhere. I also think I should've done something different with the middle panel. I'm just not sure what.

Overall, I think this cake would have been much better scaled down and with a little more care put into the dress skirt. A different color for the dress might also be an improvement. This isn't the typical blonde barbie, and the dress almost clashes with her hair.

But speaking of the British and the kind of cake they have at weddings, here's a video showing a few doll cakes sporting replicas of Kate Middleton's dress. Very impressive!

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Cakewhiz said...

I like doll cakes...haven't gotten a chance to make one yet but i can't wait till the day i make one. Your cake looks very nice. I actually like the skirt and how big it is :)