Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Out at the Southern Women's Show

The Nashville Southern Women's show is underway, and today was the day I planned to go. The weather was a bit crazy, and finding a parking spot was a nightmare, but I didn't get rained on too badly. My hair was a fright wig by the time I got in the Convention Center, and would you believe that not one of the flat iron vendors offered to fixed it for me? Then again, they're trying to sell a product, not a miracle, and my hair is probably too far gone for any of those things to do any good.

There's so much to see at a vendor fair that big, and it can all seem a bit overwhelming. I didn't want to miss anything, so I headed to the far corner and made my way up and down the rows of booths until I was back up to the front. When I first got there, I turned right after walking in and made my way up the far side. Jay Qualls has his booth in that corner, next to the celebrity cooking stage. There was a pretty long line of ladies waiting to see him, and I had only just arrived so I decided to go back to his booth later. I'm impatient like that.

Quite a few booths interested me. I pretty much skipped over the shoes (although there is a stall there selling Danskos), handbags, home decor, makeup, and those type of booths, but don't worry, there are plenty of them if that's your thing. Not to mention, TONS of jewelry booths. You'll also find a gourmet dip stand or two on each row. For real, I think there were more of those than anything else. Too bad none of them thought to bring gluten-free crackers or chips for people to taste their dips on.

I found myself stopping at the Balancing Act/Balance Your Life Road Tour. I really just wanted one of the bags they were giving away to put my other stuff in. I got to spin a prize wheel and won some contact lens wash solution something-or-other. I explained to the lady that I don't wear contacts, nor do I know anyone who does, expecting to get another spin. I didn't, and neither did she give me my prize.

I visited the Lemon-Aid booth, and that stuff smells awesome. I really liked their lotion/moisturizer so I bought some. Plus, I'm a sucker for a sale, and it was buy-one-get-one-free. The facial stuff looked interesting, but it was out of my price range.

A rep at another bodycare products company stopped me a few minutes later, and shoved some tube of hand cream under my nose and asked if I'd like to try it. It smelled like artificially scented buttercream candles, with a mocha twist. She said it was almond scented, but it smelled nothing like almonds to me. I asked what was in it, since the ingredients weren't listed on the tube, and she had to go get some huge product binder to look it all up, the whole time insisting that it was all-natural and whatnot. Turns out the product contained parabens, so I moved on.

I then had a nice discussion with one of the reps at Solutions For Life. It's a women's health thing, so I stopped by out of curiosity, not necessity.

I saw quite a few bra booths. There was a sports bra with a drawstring mechanism (or something) to keep everything still, a bandeau-type thingy, and a bra clip that I looked at for a while and still couldn't really understand. It looked like some kind of jewelry for your bra.

There were several alternative health booths. One had a group of women with their feet in some kind of mucky goo getting their bodies detoxed. I got a free neck scan by a chiropractor and found out I'm more tense on my right side. But I kinda knew that already.

The salt lamp lady has a really cool one I want that's in the shape of a horse's head. But it's way too expensive. For those who don't know about salt lamps, they're basically big chunks of natural salt with a lightbulb inside. Somehow they release negative ions into the air and make everybody happy.

The Second Glances photography studio has an interesting portfolio. Kind of like Glamour Shots, only more upscale, if you want to have some fancy pictures made

At least two gutter cover companies were there, and I spoke with one of them. The gutters on the back of our house are totally clogged because they're too high up for me to reach with our ladder. I'm not a fan of heights and would be happy to never clean gutters again, so I was interested to see how these things work.

I also found some sheets that I really like. They're super soft and only $22 a set, tax included. I only bought one set, and I'm curious to see how well they hold up. Hopefully well, because I had a hard time choosing the color, and I wouldn't mind having more than one set.

There was also Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Kitchen Knives, that no-water cookware, and those sorts of booths you usually see at shows like this.

The Water Marbles impressed me the most. I'm no gardener, so I don't know how useful or effective these are from a practical standpoint, and the website isn't the most visually pleasing, but if you're at all into house plants or decorative vases and stuff then check these out because I think they look seriously cool.

I never got to test drive a Camaro, but the weather was pretty nasty anyway. Oh, and I did go back to meet Jay Qualls and got an autographed picture. He's a really nice guy and demonstrated some molded gum paste flowers. He also let me taste some Buttercream flavor Satin Ice. It does taste like buttercream flavoring and reminded me of the foul smelling "Almond Pie" lotion that lady tried to squirt on my hands earlier. I definitely prefer the Vanilla Satin Ice.

Anyway, I'm glad I went. This was my first time to go, and I had a great time. I wouldn't have minded more swag, but maybe the exhibitors are saving the good stuff for the weekend crowd.


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