Friday, December 18, 2009

Healthy Holiday Dessert Ideas

I did a bit of baking today! Would you like to see the results?

Butternut Custard Pecan Pie from Whole Foods Recipes: Unfortunately, it cracked after it came out of the oven. I know it's pretty obvious where I tried to repair it, so please just pretend you don't notice.

It's only just now cool enough to put in the refrigerator, and then it's supposed to chill, so I won't get to taste it until tomorrow. But still, doesn't it look yummy? Another great way to use butternut squash from CSA boxes.

This apple tart is another healthy recipe from Holistic Nutrition Bytes, and it is delicious. I added the optional dried cranberries, and I love how colorful the filling came out. You can find the recipe here:

The skin was really thick on the Granny Smith apples I used, so I think next time I'll peel them.

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