Saturday, October 11, 2008

My spurge, in a moment of weakness.

While in Borders yesterday looking for a completely unrelated item, I couldn't resist looking at the cake books. I was actually hoping to get another quick peek through a copy of The Well-Decorated Cakebut they didn't have it.

They did, however, have Sky High: Irresistible Triple-Layer Cakesand I just had to buy it. Right then.

So, in my rash impulsiveness I forked over the actual retail price (plus tax) for one book when I could have bought both books from Amazon for less, with no tax and free shipping. But I had to have it. It's the book often raved about on the smitten kitchen blog, and it has the sour-cream chocolate cake recipe which is now my favorite. Worth every over-priced penny, really.

On another note, there are some seriously fantastic food-related blogs out there. I recently discovered TasteSpotting, which is a great way to find even more. Check out the adorable converse sneakers modeled out of marzipan at Palachinka and the gorgeous creations over at CherrapeƱo. I'm officially suffering from blog envy now.

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