Jun 182014
Fish Shaped Cake

Posting videos last month featuring cake designs for men gave me the the idea to re-do that horrible “Faulty Fish” cake I ranted on and on about ages ago in a Should’ve Done Sunday post. I mean, back when I created that mess I was new to cake decorating, and I could certainly do a better job of it now. Especially since I have the right luster dusts and know how to use them. Continue reading »

Jan 232014
Valentine Heart Cake

My most recent project was a heart cake. This is what happens when I have boxes of cake mix in my pantry that are close to their sell-by date, there’s a heart themed cake decorating contest going on, and I need some fresh fodder for my YouTube videos. Continue reading »

Jun 252012

Remember back in April when I posted about all the Wilton new product swag I brought home with me from the Annual Instructor Meeting? I also did video tours of the new tools, if you’d like to take a closer look. Continue reading »

Jun 212012

Minecraft Obsidian Block Cake and Diamond PickaxeIn April I posted photos of a Diamond Ore Block cake, complete with a pickaxe made from rice cereal treats and some Dirt Block treat pops, that we made for my oldest son’s birthday. His younger brother’s birthday was this month, and he wanted an Obsidian Block cake. Continue reading »

May 222012

Last summer I offered two cake decorating camps at the Franklin Rec center: Essential Skills and Rolled Fondant. This year, not only am I teaching those camps again in June at the Franklin facility, but I also have them scheduled in July at the Spring Hill Longview Rec center. Plus, at both locations I’ve added a Sweet Treats Camp for younger students. Continue reading »

Apr 192012

Cake Decorated to Look Like a Minecraft Diamond Ore BlockMinecraft is very popular at our house, and for my older son’s recent birthday we made a diamond ore cake. When it comes to projects like this, I like to see if I can find somebody else who has managed to make something similar, so I can pretty much just do whatever they did since it seemed to work out for them. Continue reading »

Apr 122012

Gum Paste Roses and Leaves Bouquet Cake Decorating Video TutorialThe point of having gum paste roses (or any flower, for that matter) on wires is so that you can make an arrangement by taping them together with floral tape. Otherwise, you can just make them on toothpicks or pieces of uncooked, thick spaghetti. This means if you want to have any leaves in your bouquet, then they also need to be on wires. I show you how to do it in a tutorial I posted on CakesDecor.com, complete with pictures and instructions. Continue reading »

Mar 092012

Luau Tiki Men Cupcakes Cake Decorating Rolled FondantEvery year about this time the Scholastic Book Fair comes to my kid’s school. For an entire week, the library turns into a book store, all decked out according to the theme. This year it’s a Luau. Continue reading »

Mar 032012

Gum Paste Carnation Sugarcraft TutorialSince I posted a a tutorial on how to make gum paste carnations on floral wires, which is how I originally learned to make them, I thought I might as well also post one on making wireless gum paste carnations. Continue reading »

Feb 262012

How to Make Gum Paste Roses Sugarcraft TutorialIn addition to posting a tutorial on how to make wired gum paste carnations, I also did one on making wired gum paste roses. You can see the whole thing on CakesDecor.com. Below I have the relevant videos embedded, as well as photo slideshows. Continue reading »