Nov 052012

Butternut Squash Pecan Pie Slice

A long time ago I posted pictures of two healthy (and gluten-free) holiday dessert ideas, with links to their recipes. One was an apple tart, and the other was a butternut squash pie, and I regularly make both recipes this time of year. Continue reading »

Aug 012011

Nutty Crust Peach Pie Gluten Free RecipeSummer fruit rocks. Not too long ago I brought home 4 pounds of delicious peaches from the Farmers Market, and I decided to make a pie with them using the same gluten-free pie crust recipe that I usually put blueberries in. It’s the All Nut Crumb Crust from my Whole Foods recipes app. Continue reading »

Nov 202010

Whew, that’s a mouthful, isn’t it? You guys remember the peanut butter cookie recipe I posted not too long ago? Well, what I didn’t tell you then was that I only baked half the recipe as cookies. The rest I baked in a 8-inch loose-bottomed tart pan, thinking it might make a good crust for the right pie.

All I did was press the cookie dough thinly, yet evenly into the base of a loose-bottom tart pan. If I had enough dough, I would have gone up the sides, but I barely had enough to cover the bottom. I baked it for around 10 minutes. Since the dough was thinner than the cookies I kept my eye on it so it wouldn’t burn. It came out of the oven looking fine and smelling awesome.

As I searched the internet looking for a filling, thinking that gluten-free banana cream might be nice on a peanut butter cookie crust, but really wanting to dump a bunch of chocolate all over it, I stumbled upon a recipe for Banana Ganache on the Kitchen Unplugged blog. Only she calls it “Choco-ban-nache” which is a name I love, but won’t steal. Her recipe was more traditional, with heavy cream and corn syrup, so I put in my usual substitutions.

This tart tastes a lot like my chocolate-dipped frozen bananas, but considering it’s essentially the same ingredients in slightly different proportions and arranged differently, I guess that’s no shock.


Jul 102010

Gluten Free Blueberry Pie RecipeProbably one of my favorite things to do in summer is to get fresh local berries. This morning we went to the pick-your-own blueberry farm and brought home just over 6 pounds of yummy summer goodness. Want to see our bounty?

Actually, that’s only about half of our haul. I had to use two colanders to wash them all. So then I just needed to decide what to do with all those berries, while enjoying some as a snack, of course. I really wanted to try a gluten-free almond pie crust recipe I stumbled across several months ago, and the blueberry farm gave me a recipe for “Double Good Blueberry Pie” so I used that recipe for the filling. Continue reading »

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