Mar 042014
Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls

I’m still working on clearing out old expired stuff from my kitchen, and I finally found a use for my King Arthur Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Flour that had a sell by date of January 2013. I wasn’t all that keen to make the popover recipe on the back of the box, so I ventured to the company website for further inspiration, and I’m glad I did because it has a good selection of recipes. That’s where I found this one for gluten-free cinnamon rolls. Continue reading »

Dec 302011

Chocolate Candy Oat Bar Cookies Recipe Gluten FreeBefore I went gluten-free, Chocolate Candy Oat Bars were my favorite cookies to make during the holidays. These are basically a crumb-type base that’s baked and then spread with a sweet chocolaty filling and then topped with more crumb and candy coated chocolate pieces (aka M&M’s). Continue reading »

Dec 122010

Who’s in the mood for something (relatively) healthy? I recently made gluten-free, vegan Carrot Cupcakes based on a recipe I found in my BabyCakes cookbook. I had to sub out a few things, but these came out really yummy anyway and definitely worthy of a blog post.

For anyone who doesn’t already know about BabyCakes, it’s a very popular vegan bakery in New York, and they also offer some gluten-free and sugar-free goodies. Their cookbook has all kinds of cool recipes, and they use Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Flour to make a lot of their gluten-free items. I personally don’t care for Bob’s as I think it leaves too much of a garbanzo bean aftertaste, so it’s not a product I typically keep in my pantry. Continue reading »