Jan 232014
Valentine Heart Cake

My most recent project was a heart cake. This is what happens when I have boxes of cake mix in my pantry that are close to their sell-by date, there’s a heart themed cake decorating contest going on, and I need some fresh fodder for my YouTube videos. Continue reading »

Sep 292013
Wedding Cake with Gum Paste Roses

Most folks who know me in real life understand that I don’t make cakes for people. There are several reasons for this, and I won’t bore you guys with a lengthy explanation, but basically my kitchen isn’t set up for multiple ongoing projects, and I found it very difficult to make money doing cakes from home. Continue reading »

Apr 122012

Gum Paste Roses and Leaves Bouquet Cake Decorating Video TutorialThe point of having gum paste roses (or any flower, for that matter) on wires is so that you can make an arrangement by taping them together with floral tape. Otherwise, you can just make them on toothpicks or pieces of uncooked, thick spaghetti. This means if you want to have any leaves in your bouquet, then they also need to be on wires. I show you how to do it in a tutorial I posted on CakesDecor.com, complete with pictures and instructions. Continue reading »

Feb 242012

Gum Paste Carnation Sugarcraft Cake Decorating TutorialThanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, there’s a wealth of resources at out fingertips. From Google searches to online communities, you can find instructions and information on nearly anything you may want to know about or learn how to do. Continue reading »

Nov 192011

Wilton Punch Cut Decorate Cake Decorating Product ReviewEarlier this year, Wilton released a new product line called Punch.Cut.Decorate! that consists of punch cutters like the die cutters used in scrapbooking. The companion product, Sugar Sheets, are very thin, edible “paper” you cut with the punches, available in a variety of colors and patterns. Continue reading »