Jul 312013

Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Bread MixIt has been too long since I last updated this blog, and for that I apologize. The summer has slipped away from me while I’ve been happily distracted with other things.

I plan to continue with my “Cake Blogging 101” series, as I have a few more topics I’d like to cover, and in a week I’ll be in Lexington, KY for the ICES Annual Convention. I’m packing my Chromebook and will have my iPhone, so if you follow me on Instagram, look forward to photos and maybe even some video clips. But for now, here’s the review for that gluten-free bread mix I used over a month ago. Finally. Continue reading »

Feb 062013

Gluten-Free CupcakesThanks to a recent online discussion about gluten-free baking, a couple of flour blend recipes came to my attention, and I agreed to try them both and report on my results. Originally, I was only going to try one gluten-free flour blend, but it called for sorghum flour and I didn’t have any. Continue reading »

Jan 112013

Gluten Free Pantry French Bread and Pizza Mix
One of the truly frustrating things about following a gluten-free diet is how much more expensive the gluten-free version of anything is. I know, ideally I shouldn’t be buying and using packaged foods in the first place, but every once in a while I want bread, dang it. Both prepared gluten-free bread loaves and the boxed mixes are pricey, so I couldn’t afford to have them all the time even if I wanted to. Continue reading »

Jul 282012

Gluten Free Pantry Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix ReviewBack before going gluten-free, I ate a LOT of bread and craved starchy carbs often. Since giving up the gluten, I find that I don’t need bread, but every so often I still enjoy having it. I particularly miss cheese and Branston Pickle sandwiches and cinnamon toast. Unfortunately, gluten free stuff can be really expensive, and it rarely seems to go on sale, but I recently picked up a box of Gluten Free Pantry’s Favorite Sandwich Bread Mix at a decent price. Continue reading »

Jul 072012

Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour Gluten Free BakingSince I have this brand new bag of blanched almond flour that Honeyville sent me burning a hole in my pantry, I decided to try one of the savory recipes from Elana Amsterdam’s book. My kids love Cheddar Bunnies and Goldfish snack crackers, so I made these cheddar cheese crackers, hoping they’d be something we could all enjoy. I’d never attempted homemade crackers before, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy they were. Continue reading »

Dec 302011

Gluten Free Cornbread Recipe Best EverI have a thing about cornbread. I used to work at a bakery that made the best cornbread ever. It was a Friday thing. They didn’t make cornbread any other day of the week, which was lucky because that meant I could only get it on Fridays, thereby limiting my consumption. I have no clue how they made it, and the bakery closed down years ago. I’ve been on the search for cornbread that good ever since. I still haven’t found it, but I think this recipe comes pretty close, with my tweaks. Continue reading »

Dec 302011

Chocolate Candy Oat Bar Cookies Recipe Gluten FreeBefore I went gluten-free, Chocolate Candy Oat Bars were my favorite cookies to make during the holidays. These are basically a crumb-type base that’s baked and then spread with a sweet chocolaty filling and then topped with more crumb and candy coated chocolate pieces (aka M&M’s). Continue reading »

Dec 272011

Chocolate Yum Yums Gluten Free Treat RecipeI tend to do a lot of baking this time of year. In an effort to keep temptations down and as many of the holiday sweets accessible to me as possible, I started looking around for naturally gluten-free recipes. I have apps for that. Continue reading »

Dec 122011

Gluten Free Flourless Brownies RecipeI may have mentioned how much I love the Whole Foods Recipes app a time or two dozen on here. It’s very user friendly and has a great bank of recipes. I particularly like the Flourless Brownies because they’re made with a secret ingredient: black beans. Continue reading »

Dec 052010

This will most likely be the last recipe from Gluten-Free Baking that I’ll have time to make before returning it back to the library. Unless I decide to renew it, which is looking more and more likely because there are still some things in here I need to make. I bet you guys are getting tired of seeing this banner anyway. I promise the next recipe I post will be from a different book.

My kids love doughnuts. I spent some time working in a doughnut bakery years ago while I was newly pregnant with my first child, and having that sickly-sweet deep fry smell overwhelm my nostrils every morning was more than enough to put me off them for a while. Like, forever, actually. But the photo in this cookbook looks so deliciously tempting, I just had to make them. Continue reading »