Sep 232014

3D Ghost Cake 1999Fifteen years ago I made a 3D ghost cake for a dinner party. The ghost cake, designed by Carol Deacon, was featured in a British sugarcraft magazine I subscribed to at the time, and it was one of the few project tutorials I felt like I could do. Turns out, I was right because this cake is super easy. And quick, which is nice. Continue reading »

Jun 182014
Fish Shaped Cake

Posting videos last month featuring cake designs for men gave me the the idea to re-do that horrible “Faulty Fish” cake I ranted on and on about ages ago in a Should’ve Done Sunday post. I mean, back when I created that mess I was new to cake decorating, and I could certainly do a better job of it now. Especially since I have the right luster dusts and know how to use them. Continue reading »

May 212014
Cakes Decorated Using Pattern Transfers

As some of you may already know, the Tennessee ICES Chapter hosts Sugar Play Days every other month. These are free cake decorating classes/demonstrations in Brentwood at Sugar Drop. At the April meeting, we learned how to model figures out of rolled fondant (generously provided by Fondarific), which was fun. For the June meeting, we’re sharing ideas for Father’s Day cakes, or cake designs for men in general. Continue reading »

Jan 232014
Valentine Heart Cake

My most recent project was a heart cake. This is what happens when I have boxes of cake mix in my pantry that are close to their sell-by date, there’s a heart themed cake decorating contest going on, and I need some fresh fodder for my YouTube videos. Continue reading »

Sep 292013
Wedding Cake with Gum Paste Roses

Most folks who know me in real life understand that I don’t make cakes for people. There are several reasons for this, and I won’t bore you guys with a lengthy explanation, but basically my kitchen isn’t set up for multiple ongoing projects, and I found it very difficult to make money doing cakes from home. Continue reading »

Jun 212012

Minecraft Obsidian Block Cake and Diamond PickaxeIn April I posted photos of a Diamond Ore Block cake, complete with a pickaxe made from rice cereal treats and some Dirt Block treat pops, that we made for my oldest son’s birthday. His younger brother’s birthday was this month, and he wanted an Obsidian Block cake. Continue reading »

Apr 192012

Cake Decorated to Look Like a Minecraft Diamond Ore BlockMinecraft is very popular at our house, and for my older son’s recent birthday we made a diamond ore cake. When it comes to projects like this, I like to see if I can find somebody else who has managed to make something similar, so I can pretty much just do whatever they did since it seemed to work out for them. Continue reading »

Mar 192012

Susan Carberry's Extreme Easter Cake Decorating DemonstrationYesterday was the Tennessee ICES chapter Day of Sharing. I went to one of these things years ago while I was still working in a bakery. Then motherhood happened, and I let my ICES membership lapse. Continue reading »

Mar 092012

Luau Tiki Men Cupcakes Cake Decorating Rolled FondantEvery year about this time the Scholastic Book Fair comes to my kid’s school. For an entire week, the library turns into a book store, all decked out according to the theme. This year it’s a Luau. Continue reading »

Feb 162012

Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Cake Mix ReviewIf you didn’t already know, Betty Crocker does gluten-free cake, cookie, and brownie mixes now. Actually, these have been around for a while, but I’m honestly not a fan of Betty Crocker. Or cake mixes in general for that matter. But if I have to use a cake mix, I’m more than likely not going to eat it, so I usually go for Duncan Hines if it’s on sale or Pillsbury, whichever is cheaper. Continue reading »

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