Cake Biz Basics


Here is where I’ll post tips and ideas for starting a cake decorating business. I personally don’t make cakes for people. My focus is solely on teaching people how to decorate their own cakes. Still, I have learned a few things–mostly from making mistakes–that might be helpful to those wanting to start their own small business. Please understand that business licensing laws vary from state to state, and in some cases you may have to abide by both county and city regulations.

Start Here: Before You Do Anything Else (aka Things I Wish I’d Known)
Cake Biz FAQ
Small Business Resources
Building Your Business on a Budget
Cake Blogging 101: Getting Started
Cake Blogging 101: Facebook Pages
Cake Blogging 101: Pictures 
Cake Blogging 101: Social Media Primer
Cake Blogging 101: SEO Essentials (coming soon)
Cake Blogging 101: Going Self-Hosted (coming soon)

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