Jun 182014
Fish Shaped Cake

Posting videos last month featuring cake designs for men gave me the the idea to re-do that horrible “Faulty Fish” cake I ranted on and on about ages ago in a Should’ve Done Sunday post. I mean, back when I created that mess I was new to cake decorating, and I could certainly do a better job of it now. Especially since I have the right luster dusts and know how to use them.

Too bad it took me until a few days ago to actually get around to doing that, because I’ve missed the Father’s Day idea window for this year.

But this is a simple cake to do, and straight out of Colette’s Cakes, the first book Colette Peters published. All you need is a 9″ by 13″ cake, a recipe of buttercream, 2 pounds of white rolled fondant, a rolling pin, a board/platter large enough for the fish, and whatever food coloring you want to use to paint the fish.

Patterns for the fish’s fins and tail are in the book, and I just traced the shapes onto edible wafer paper with a Food Writer marker. The wafer paper holds its shape, but is much thinner to cut through than carboard. Plus, it’s totally edible.

You don’t need to do a great job of crumb coating the cake, but take care when icing the tail. Depending on how you trimmed it and how cold the cake still is, it may be tricky. Mine wanted to tear, but I think my icing was a little too stiff. Also, try to get those scales imprinted as soon as possible after covering the cake with rolled fondant. I think I spent too much time trying to smooth my cake, plus  I let it sit out for a few minutes while I was messing with my video camera, and my fondant was already starting to dry by the time I got to the tail end.

Faulty Fish Cake

First Fish Cake I Made

I added Everclear (you can also use vodka, rum, or lemon extract) to Super Pearl and Nu Silver to paint the body, and Americolor Royal Blue for the stripes, which is what the books says to do. I could have done a better job carving the fish body shape and made it more tapered, but this is still a vast improvement over the first one I made sixteen years ago.

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