May 212014
Cakes Decorated Using Pattern Transfers

As some of you may already know, the Tennessee ICES Chapter hosts Sugar Play Days every other month. These are free cake decorating classes/demonstrations in Brentwood at Sugar Drop. At the April meeting, we learned how to model figures out of rolled fondant (generously provided by Fondarific), which was fun. For the June meeting, we’re sharing ideas for Father’s Day cakes, or cake designs for men in general.

Since I’m not teaching cake decorating classes anymore, I had some leftover 5″ round cake layers in my freezer taking up space, as well as a couple of 8″ round cakes that really needed to get used. So I decided to make some videos of me decorating them, trying to use designs that would appropriate for dad. Or at least gender-neutral. Which is rather silly, because there’s no law against men liking flowers and frills, but whatever.

I’ve been wanting to post a video of the piping gel pattern transfer technique for a while, so I decorated two cakes using that method–a smiling sun which didn’t turn out all that great, but hey, at least it’s cheerful, and a fish. I was using colored piping gel tubes that were leftover from my cake decorating classes, so I had to go with whatever colors I had. This meant the fish is blue, green, and yellow, and since I was worried about him standing out against the blue piping gel water he was swimming in, I outlined him in white piping gel. I guess he doesn’t look too bad.

How to do piping gel pattern transfers:

I also had some leftover vanilla and chocolate candy coating, from back when I taught a class on how to make treat pops, so for the other two small cakes I made a candy football and sheep toppers. Granted, the sheep is maybe more appropriate for a kid’s cake or baby shower, unless dad is a sheep herder or something, but I already had these images printed out and taped to cardboard pieces, so that’s what I used. Besides, you could put anything outdoorsy on that cake’s background scene with grass and clouds.

How to make chocolate/melted candy transfer pieces:

For the 8″ round cakes, I iced them using a technique I learned in the buttercream class I took at ICES Convention last year. Yes, I finally got a video of that done and posted.

How to ice a cake smooth using a stiff consistency “crusting” icing and Viva paper towels:

Father's Day Gift Package CakeNot sure what to do with this tall, round cake once I had it iced smooth, I looked online for inspiration on how to decorate cakes for men.

There were a lot of tie cakes that looked simple enough, but rather than go with that cliché, I decided to do a gift package cake instead (yes, another cake design so popular it’s also rather cliché), only this one has manly textured ribbons and bows in dark colors. Again, I was working with what I had on hand, which was purple, chocolate, and a little green Satin Ice.

How to make the gift package cake:

Are you making dad a cake for Father’s Day this year? If you have a fantastic design or idea for a man’s cake, please leave a comment and share.

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