Jan 232014
Valentine Heart Cake

My most recent project was a heart cake. This is what happens when I have boxes of cake mix in my pantry that are close to their sell-by date, there’s a heart themed cake decorating contest going on, and I need some fresh fodder for my YouTube videos.

If you ever want to make a heart cake but don’t have the shaped pan, never fear because all you really need is a round pan and square pan that are the same size. For this cake I used 8″ round and 8″ square pans.

Since the cake mix companies decreased the amount of mix we get now–wasn’t that sneaky of them?–I ended up using a whole box per pan. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, cake mixes used to be 18.25 ounces per box. Now they’re only around 15.25  to 16.5 ounces, so if you’ve been wondering why your favorite recipe from The Cake Mix doctor doesn’t seem to turn out as well as it used to, that’s probably the reason.

All I did for this cake was cut the round layer in half and position each semi-circle on adjacent sides of the square cake. Does that even make sense? If not, then please watch the video. Just make sure you have a cake board big enough to accommodate the whole cake. Ideally, you want it to be at least 2″ larger than the widest part of the heart so you have enough room to add a bottom border and still be able to pick it up without pushing your thumb through it.

Heart Cake DecoratingI had some dark chocolate Satin Ice that needed to get used soon, so I added it to some white Satin Ice to get more of a milk chocolate color. Otherwise, I think it would have been way too dark, and I wouldn’t have had enough to cover the whole cake anyway. I decided to crimp the top edge since have a couple of heart-shaped fondant crimper tools that don’t get used very often. I bought them because I thought students would love to use them in class, but they just haven’t been that popular.

For the top of the cake, I used a technique posted on MyCakeSchool.com and made a raised heart. I like easy. I even stole her idea for a bottom border, but I used a different mold to make my beads. Oh, and I used one of the little pinwheel gum paste tools to create a stitched look around the ruffle.

Rolled Fondant Cake Decorating Heart BowAfter that, I wasn’t sure what else to do. Originally, my plan was to decorate this cake so it looked liked a heart-shaped pillow/decorative cushion sort of thing. I even went so far as to search for heart cushions on Pinterest and saved a few of the really twee ones to my camera roll. But I was short on time and trying to use up rolled fondant that was already opened, so that meant no more white for lacy ruffles.

I did have a small amount of pink and more chocolate. As well as some purple, green, and blue that I couldn’t quite get to work with this dark brown heart. I’ll need to figure out some other way to use those colors. Thinking I might just be able to pull off a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates look, I decided do a big pink bow and as many ribbon roses as I could make with the chocolate fondant I had left.

I added some Tylose powder to before I rolled, textured, cut, and formed the pink bow, and I added a bit to the chocolate as well, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have any on hand. Just know that your rolled fondant will take longer to dry and won’t set up as firm.

Nor is dusting the entire thing with Super Pearl a requirement, but it sure does make it look pretty. And if you’re a fellow follower of the “When in doubt, add more Super Pearl!” creed, do yourself a favor and get this handy enabling device called a pump brush. It allows you to dispense generous amounts of luster dust over large areas. Which is nice.

Below is the YouTube playlist showing you, in sped-up and heavily edited fashion, how I made this cake from start to finish. Please take a look if you have a spare 10 minutes. I’m also open to suggestions as to what I should make next. I have a couple of 8″ round cake layers in my freezer at the moment, and then of course those scraps of blue, purple, and green Satin Ice. Any ideas?

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  1. Thanks for posting vide, anyway love your blog

  2. You gave me a nice idea to make a heart shaped cake. I used to order a heart shaped cake from Monginis online cake shop because, i was not aware how to design a heart shaped cake. Thanks for the Idea.

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