Jan 072014
Rolled Fondant Snowflakes Cake

Well, I guess it IS January. Happy New Year everybody!

The weather where I live is bitterly cold at the moment, with record-low temperatures and crazy wind chills. This means I’ve been staying indoors as much as possible because I hate the cold, which gives me an opportunity to update my blog, and since the last post was about my new iPad, I thought I’d share some of the cake decorating videos I’ve made with it–if only to prove that I’m now using it for more than playing games.

Back in November I made some display pieces to promote my December cake decorating classes at Coffee and Canvas. Sadly, not enough students registered and the classes were canceled, which was disappointing. Since the poinsettia cake was seasonal, and I had some small round cake layers in my freezer that needed to be used, I decided to make a video demonstrating how to decorate the poinsettia cake. I intended to get it posted before Christmas, but that didn’t happen. Still, it’s there now.

While I was at it, I also made a snowflake cake. This design will be appropriate for at least another couple of months, and the cutters are available on amazon.com.

I left these cakes in the barn’s tack room refrigerator. I can’t eat them because of the gluten, and my kids already had plenty of holiday goodies to help them exceed their daily junk food quota.

I still had two very small round pieces of strawberry cake left in my freezer, and I turned those into a Happy New Year cake. Since it was bound for the barn, I went with a horsey theme.

The only thing left was a 9″ round cake layer, and I chopped it up to make mini purse cakes. Glenda Tant showed everybody how to do these at a Tennessee ICES Sugar Play Day last year, so I can’t take credit for coming up with this on my own.

Oh, and I managed to play around with the peanut butter bonbon recipe. Now it’s even healthier.

Please let me know what you think! Lighting is occasionally a challenge in my kitchen, and I’m currently trying to work out a solution, but please pardon some inconsistency in video quality.

As for my iPad, I love it. I was already familiar with iMovie from having a MacBook, and while the iPad version lacks some of the abilities and features, I’m getting the hang of it.

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