Aug 302013

Summer 2013 Issue Edible Artists Network MagazineBefore I even begin, let me just say that I’m not a fan of the name Edible Artists Network. To me it sounds like a group of artists you can eat, and since I’m not into cannibalism, I guess I’ll just have to push aside my pedantic tendencies because it’s actually a really cool website for edible art enthusiasts.

There are photo galleries (great for stealing getting ideas), tutorials, links to articles of interest, a couple of product reviews, recipes, and a discussion forum. But the big news is their print magazine. They had a vendor booth at ICES convention, and Norm Davis mentioned the Edible Artists Network mag several times during his demos, holding up the issue with him and Zane on the cover and telling us all how much we needed to read the article. I reckon there’s room for some subtle self-promotion when you’re famous and doing cake decorating demonstrations all day long.

The magazine’s $14.99 cover price would make me hesitant to actually buy it, because I’m stingy and already have a paid subscription to American Cake Decorating. A one-year subscription to Edible Artists Network Magazine, which is only 4 issues, costs $48, while my ACD is only $28/year for 6 issues. But, EAN is thicker, so it seems to have more content, and the layout is more… vibrant. If you’re not picky about having print copies, you can purchase a digital EAN subscription for just $14.99 per year. Currently I think ACD is only available in print.

When I got a chance to sit down and read through the free Edible Artists Network magazine they gave me at convention, I was impressed! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the sheer amount of content surprised me. There are a few ads, this is a magazine after all, but they’re not intrusive.

In addition to the interview with Norm Davis and Zane Beg, which was way more in-depth than I thought it would be, other articles cover topics like food safety, the evolution of gelatin art, wedding cake contracts, 3D sugar art, and Dana Herbert’s Cake for the Cure.

And if you’re looking to build your skills, the Summer 2013 issue has tutorials on how to make a teapot cake, pinwheels, show pieces, mini sugar portraits, a gelatin balloon dog, lilies, figurine toppers, and realistic gum paste faces, as well as one covering airbrush basics. All with full-color and high-quality step-by-step pictures.

So if nothing else, I’m going to subscribe to the digital version. As tempting as the print subscription is, at the moment I can’t justify the expense or storage space. Because if I’m paying $12 for a magazine, I intend to keep it.

A big thank you to the nice lady working the vendor booth at convention for giving me a free issue, which I managed to get signed by Norm Davis.

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