Jul 312013

Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Bread MixIt has been too long since I last updated this blog, and for that I apologize. The summer has slipped away from me while I’ve been happily distracted with other things.

I plan to continue with my “Cake Blogging 101” series, as I have a few more topics I’d like to cover, and in a week I’ll be in Lexington, KY for the ICES Annual Convention. I’m packing my Chromebook and will have my iPhone, so if you follow me on Instagram, look forward to photos and maybe even some video clips. But for now, here’s the review for that gluten-free bread mix I used over a month ago. Finally.

Every once in a while I do a pantry raid. This is where I go through the boxes and bags that have been sitting in there longer than the more frequently-used staples. The last time I did this, I unearthed a box of Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Bread Mix. I bought it on sale since it was a brand I hadn’t tried before, and normally these gluten-free bread mixes are so dang expensive I only consider getting them when the price is marked down.

Sliced Gluten-Free Bread LoafLater that afternoon I baked some bread using the mix. Not only did that clear some space on the pantry shelf, but I found myself wanting grilled cheese sandwiches pretty much as soon as I opened the box. You can use this mix in a bread machine, but since I don’t have a bread machine, I went with the oven-baking instructions and strictly followed the recipe.

You’ll need to add warm milk, 2 eggs, melted butter, and a teaspoon of cider vinegar to this mix, as well as the included packet of yeast. I mention this in case you don’t have cider vinegar on hand (I just used some apple cider vinegar since I keep a bottle of that around). I didn’t have the correct size bread pan, so I got a loaf and a mini loaf, but it all worked out just fine.

I think I may have over baked the loaves slightly because the crust got really brown. My older son didn’t like it, but the rest of us didn’t mind so much. The bread itself tastes really good, with a deeper flavor than regular white bread, but it has a fairly grainy texture, and a very slight aftertaste thanks to the garbanzo bean flour.

Making Gluten-Free Grilled Cheese SandwichesThis mix contains xanthan gum, so bear that in mind if you have any sensitivities to it. The box instructions recommend storing the bread in the refrigerator to help keep it fresh, and I did that, but after a couple of days it was too stale to do much of anything with besides make toasted cheese and Branston Pickle sandwiches. Good thing I love toasted cheese and pickle sandwiches.

Have you ever used the Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Bread Mix, or any of their other gluten-free mixes? If so, how were your experiences with them? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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