Apr 202013

Music City Suds Friends in Aloe Places SoapEvery once in a while I force my kids to go outside, and today was a lovely day for it. Sunny and warm, but not at all humid, with blue skies and fluffy white clouds, it was the ideal April Saturday. So, mid-morning I hustled everyone into the minivan and drove to Nashville for the Honeybee Festival at East-Centric Pavilion.

I think events were scheduled in the actual pavilion later, but we got there before much was happening other than a sound system playing music. Vendor booths were outside on the lawn, though, and most of the surrounding shops participated in a scavenger hunt.

Thistle Farms Soy Wax Candles and Lavender Body ButterThis was a brilliant idea. You had to visit each shop to get your card stamped in order to be entered in the drawing for a really nice gift basket, so I hope these small businesses saw an increase in foot traffic.

If nothing else, at least I now know about them. Before today, I had no idea there was a local specialty herb and tea store, or a philanthropic boutique called 1907 Apparel that donates 7% of its profits to charity while also selling products that support causes.

Udder Chaos Farm Handmade Goat MilkSoap

In order to get your card stamped at that shop, you had to name one of the charity vendors. I picked Freedom’s Promise. I was also impressed by the elegantly decorated treats in a pet boutique selling all kinds of novelty clothing and accessories.

My kids were happy thanks to the presence of Loco Donuts. Apparently these are like the best doughnuts ever, but since they didn’t have any of their gluten-free offerings with them on the truck today, I’ll just have to wait and find out for myself another time. That’s okay, though, because there was plenty of other stuff for me to spend money on.

Beeswax Candle With Hibiscus from RuBee's Candles

Like Thistle Farms soy candles and body butter, yes please! I also bought a hibiscus beeswax candle from RuBee’s Candles, and a bar of Honey Almond goat milk soap from Udder Chaos Farm.

I very nearly bought some Lady Anti-Smellum deodorant because it’s lavender, and really, how could I possibly resist something with such an awesome name?!

Music City Suds Lady Anti-Smellum Deodorant

But then I noticed the $8 price tag and settled for a bar of Friends in Aloe Places soap, which I had actually already bought. Both products are from Music City Suds, and if the soap is half as good as the marketing genius behind it, I’ll be happy.

On the way home, partially in a effort to counteract the affects of the Hungry Lumberjack Donut Sundaes, but mostly because I was hungry and thirsty by this point and wanted a smoothie, we stopped at Nine Fruits. I love Nine Fruits.

How was your Saturday?

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