Mar 082013

Samsung ChromebookI’m anxiously waiting for my new Chromebook to make its way home to me. It’s supposed to arrive some time today, and I seriously hope it does. I made the decision to buy one this past Tuesday, and silly, naive me thought it would be as simple as walking into Best Buy and picking one up. Ha! I posted the whole story on Tumblr, but basically I ended up having to order my Chromebook online. Which, of course, means waiting for delivery.

This purchase falls somewhere between a splurge and a necessity because my dear, beloved MacBook is showing its age and is on borrowed time. Not only is the outer case totally beat up, but the trackpad has areas of unresponsiveness, and I have to hit the space bar really hard in order for it to register. The machine often makes these dreadful grinding noises, at which point I usually stop everything and run a full backup, and now there’s something wrong with the battery. I woke up this morning to zero charge, and there’s a little exclamation mark inside a triangle warning me that it needs service, whatever that means. Replacement, probably.

What I really want is, of course, an iPad. The full-size one, not a Mini. But that’s not going to happen, nor can I afford to get another MacBook. I don’t even think you can get straight-up MacBooks anymore, anyway. Now you have to go for the Air or the Pro. Both are well outside my price range at the moment.

Because I’m very much a Mac person, I rely on Google services to view documents like spreadsheets that are in a Windows format. A few weeks ago I was using Drive to create some class handouts, for the sake of easy sharing. That was the first time I ever really bothered to play with those apps, and I was impressed with all the templates and cool stuff you could do. Chrome is even my browser of choice, and I never knew.

Then I realized something. I do most of my photo editing online, using Photobucket or Pixlr. The Google Drive text editor does just fine for me, as seldom as I use a real text editor, and so I don’t particularly need to have a Mac. Not when everything that can do what I need plugs into Chrome and just, you know, seamlessly works. So I settled on the budget-friendly Chromebook.

All my YouTube cake decorating tutorials were filmed using a digital video camera and then edited in iMovie, and that is the one Mac application I was relying on, so I’ll need to figure out how I’m going to do the videos thing without it. But hey, this gives me another excuse for not uploading any new videos. A least for a little while longer.

In other news, the past few weeks have been busy. Doing the school parent volunteer thing has kept me occupied, which is always time well spent. Especially since while helping out with the lower school book fair I scored a copy of Bakerella’s Cake Pops Holidays and Cupcakes, Cookies, & Pie, Oh, My! (which wins the award for most commas in a cake book title). Those of you who follow me on Instagram already knew this.

Last week I was also getting my display samples ready and delivered to the Longview Art Sparks event. The good news is that they’re still in fairly decent shape, despite getting slightly rained on, so I can use them again this Saturday at the Franklin event. I had to fix the dress, and one of the daisies is missing a petal, but I’m not going to worry about it.

A week from this Sunday is the Tennessee ICES Day of Sharing. They have these events twice a year. I went last fall, where I got the peanut butter bonbons recipe, and last spring, when there was a 3D tiered Easter cake demonstration. So I’m really looking forward to this upcoming one. If you don’t live in Tennessee, you can still check out the main ICES website if you’re interested in learning more about the organization. Convention is going to be in Lexington this year, and I am SO going.

As for my blog, I know I need to get a recipe up soon. I still have the gluten-free monkey bread recipe I want to try, and I’ve been scooping up free Kindle ebooks with gluten-free recipes as I find them. I usually share those links on Twitter and via my blog page on Facebook if you’re interested. I sometimes share free cake decorating books too.

What about you guys? If you have any projects or crazy life goings-on you’d like to share please do so in the comments. I’m also becoming more active on Google+ so feel free to add me to your circles and contact me there if you so wish.

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