Jun 252012

Remember back in April when I posted about all the Wilton new product swag I brought home with me from the Annual Instructor Meeting? I also did video tours of the new tools, if you’d like to take a closer look.

Well, Wilton wants its Instructors to use as many of the new products in our classes as possible so our students will see for themselves just how awesome this new gear is and rush out to buy it all. In order to make is so we can afford whichever new tools we didn’t get for free at our AIM, they offered us an exclusive deal on them. So I ordered what I wanted and knew I could put to use, and now there’s a whole new shipment of Wilton haul I can tell you about.

New Wilton Cake Decorating Tool CaddyFirst up is the new and improved Tool Caddy. I still have my old school one with a red lid. I got it ages ago in 1998 when I took my Wilton classes, as that’s all there was back then. In the years since Wilton has released a few more options that include some supplies inside. Those are a different color but still have the same basic design.

New Wilton Cake Decorating Tools CaddyThis new one has the lift-out tray with little peaks to hold piping tips, but it’s way better in several ways. For starters, the lid is clear so you can see what you have in there. The lid also lifts completely off the top and then fits underneath the caddy so it’s not some hinged thing flapping around in the way. There are large side latches that snap securely, meaning no more of the lid accidentally popping open and spilling piping tips everywhere–it happens all too often, folks.

New Wilton Cake Decorating Tool CaddyRather than holes to hold the wee tubs of icing color, which are useless unless you use the Wilton colors, the side areas on the tray have a non-skid lining and you can put anything there that will fit.

But the really cool thing is that this new caddy comes with handy dividers for the bottom, so you can customize the space to sort and organize your tools however you want instead of fumbling around looking for that one thing that always slips underneath something else. So yes, definite improvements have been made with this.

New Wilton Cake Decorating Tools Organizer Storage BoxNew Wilton Cake Decorating Tools Organizer Storage BoxNext I’d like to talk about the Tool Organizer. I think this is a great concept, because there’s a divider. I use it to separate my straight and offset spatulas, but it’s meant to be ideal for Wilton students to use. In theory, the divider allows you to separate dirty tools from clean, but I don’t see how to keep icing and crumbs from falling through the divider onto the clean utensils.

I must admit, I’m struggling a bit with this product because the latch on mine doesn’t seem to want to close properly. These latches are supposed to close with an obnoxiously loud snap so you know they’re actually shut. But for some reason, the two halves of mine don’t always often line up or something, so it doesn’t snap shut. Perhaps I got a faulty one.

New Wilton Cake Decorating Tools Fondant CutterThere are several new fondant tools I’m excited about, but before I mention them I’m going to point out the new cutter tool. It’s like a plastic pizza wheel. Only, since it doesn’t have the metal cutting blade, this should be easier on the fondant mats, practice boards, and whatever else you use to roll out your fondant and gum paste. The wheel also comes off the handle for easy cleaning and/or storage.

New Wilton Cake Decorating Tools Fondant EmbosserMore innovative and worthy of a “IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEBODY CAME OUT WITH THIS!” exclamation is the new fondant embosser tool. How many times have I said that we need a rolling pin with interchangeable cylinders to add different textures to fondant? Well, I don’t know the exact number, but it’s a lot. Finally, we have it.

I just hope they come out with more textures you can buy as add-ons later. Tools like this are much more useful for me than those sugar sheets and punch cutters. It even comes in the handy storage box with a lid that fits underneath and tips the container up slightly. How cool!

New Wilton Cake Decorating Tools Rolled Fondant MoldsWilton also added to their assortment of silicone fondant molds. These are so popular with my students, and now I have the Macrame, Jewelry, Fern, Kids Party, Folk, and Sea Life themed molds. AND, they’ve added new letters and numbers molds, so no more struggling with the old, gave-up-using-it-years-ago mold set. I haven’t even taken mine out the their packaging yet, but the next round of rolled fondant students will get the chance to play with these.

New Wilton Cake Decorating Tools Icing SmootherAnother brand new product is the icing smoother. This might just be the perfect solution for those who struggle with using conventional icing spatulas, since there’s no handle to get in the way. I haven’t had an opportunity to use mine yet, so the jury is still out, but it feels nice in the hand and seems sturdy (I have a habit of bending spatula blades).

I will eventually get video demonstrations of these new tools made and posted to YouTube, but for now that’s the sneak peak. I have more pictures off all this gear, including photos of the packaging, posted on Photobucket if you’d like a closer look.

Have you guys used any of the new stuff? If so, I’d love hear about your experiences. Don’t be shy, leave a comment and let me know how what you think.

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