Jun 232012

I just added a playlist of three treat pop videos to my YouTube channel. Treat pops are similar to cake pops, only they’re made with rice cereal treat mixture. This way, you don’t have to chill them between each step, and it cuts down on the time and effort while still resulting in a decent-looking pop.

A few hints and important tips:

1. Don’t forget to dip the lollipop stick into the melted candy coating before pushing it into the base of the treat pop. This acts as glue to help hold the stick in place.

2. Allow the melted coating to totally dry and set up before trying to dip the pops. Again, this will help prevent the pops falling off the sticks.

3. Keep the candy coating warm so it stays smooth and is easy to work with. If it cools off too much, it will be too thick to dip the pops. Paramount crystals are great for thinning candy melts that get too thick even when warm.

4. Dip the pops gently. I usually place the pop into the melted coating and slowly rotate it to cover if it’s round. I usually dip shapes one side at a time, gently turning them in the melted candy.

5. Lightly tap the stick so any excess candy will drip back into the bowl and not all over the table.

6. Add sprinkles and whatever you’re using to decorate the pops while the candy is still wet so everything sticks.

7. If you’re using food writer pens to draw details on the pops, then wait until the candy is totally dry.

8. Place the pops in a block of styrofoam to dry, but make sure they’re far enough apart. You don’t want them banging into each other.

If you have any tips, tricks, or other ideas for making treat pops, please share in the comments! And if treat pops aren’t your thing, please check out my other cake decorating videos.

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