Jun 212012

Minecraft Obsidian Block Cake and Diamond PickaxeIn April I posted photos of a Diamond Ore Block cake, complete with a pickaxe made from rice cereal treats and some Dirt Block treat pops, that we made for my oldest son’s birthday. His younger brother’s birthday was this month, and he wanted an Obsidian Block cake.

We made it the same way, only I didn’t attempt to color the actual cake. Inside is a layer of chocolate cake sandwiched between two layers of white cake with just a crumb coat of CK Buttercream icing. The tiles of rolled fondant covering it are various shades of pre-colored purple Satin Ice and chocolate Satin Ice. This time it went much more quickly, as one person cut the squares while another placed them on the cake.

The pickaxe is shaped rice cereal treats, and this time I went with some commercially made Rice Krispies Treats that were leftover from treat pop day at Sweet Treats camp. This wasn’t as tightly compacted as the cereal treats I tend to make, and I had to compress it quite a bit so it would hold its shape. Then I just spread melted candy over it–chocolate for the handle, and a combination of dark and light blue for the axe.

Since we weren’t expecting a huge crowd this time we didn’t make any treat pops.

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