May 142012

I finally bit the bullet and moved my cake blog over to self-hosted WordPress. I’m not one to willingly work outside my comfort zone, and I dreaded having to learn a new platform, but after many months of thinking about making the switch, I realized a couple of weeks ago that I was ready. Plus, I finally had enough money in Paypal to fund the hosting and all that.

The move wasn’t as painless as I’d hoped, and some rearrangements–hopefully for the better–had to be made. I know a lot of the posts look like crap. For some reason, probably because I was too clueless to format them properly in the first place, things got shifted around during the move. Some paragraphs lost their breaks and line spacing is inconsistent, which totally gets on my nerves. This isn’t something I anticipated having to fix, so as and when I get the chance I’ll edit a post or two until they all look halfway decent. This may take some time.

I also had some trouble with the blog theme, and I finally gave up on the slider thingy that’s supposed to be on top of the posts/home page showing a slideshow of photos featuring recent posts. The slideshow window is too big and looks awkward. If there’s way to adjust that somebody please tell me. Otherwise, I’ll live without it. Update: I’ve since long given up on having the slider, as well as that particular theme.

On top of all this, Photobucket decides to completely change their image editor. It took me longer than I’m willing to admit to get used to it and feel like I had a clue how to do anything. As a result, I spent ages trying to get pictures just right for the slider, which I then ended up not using, and so I ran out of patience when it came to the “custom logo” area. So I just used a scaled-down version of my old blog header. It will do for now.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll keep this theme. I love the sharing buttons built in and the overall layout, but I’d like to have more control over the widget sizes and colors. And a slider that’s idiot-proof to set up.

I know this post hasn’t been at all about cakes, cake decorating, or gluten-free baking, and for that I apologize. But since I hadn’t posted any kind of update in a good three weeks, I felt like I should explain why. Hopefully I didn’t lose too many RSS subscribers. If you subscribed via Feedburner, it should still work as I updated the feed URL.

I welcome all feedback, so please let me know what you think of the new site. Theme and plugin suggestions welcome, too. Feel free to use the contact form below for submitting questions, or you can always to leave a comment, catch me on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, or send me an email.

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