Monday, August 15, 2011

Housekeeping, Videos, and Back to School

I honestly meant to post a "Should've Done Sunday" yesterday, but I found myself vacuuming the house instead. There was also a bit of laundry that needed doing, and some other random chores that I couldn't put off any longer. But at least the weather was gorgeous, and it was slightly cooler less sweltering yesterday with a nice breeze, so I even managed to open a window or two and let the house air out a bit. I'm ready for autumn.

I also added three new videos over the weekend. Have you noticed the recently added "Videos" page? The link is up top there under the header. These are short clips demonstrating basic cake decorating techniques. Not long ago, I upgraded my iPhone, and that's what I've been using to film these videos. Hopefully they will improve over time as I get more adept at the filming and editing process. Please let me know what you think, and I'm totally open to suggestions for future videos, so tell me what you'd like to learn how to do. They are also posted on my YouTube channel, if for some reason they aren't working here.

I need recipe ideas for future blog posts. Now that school has started, I like to think I'll have more time in the kitchen. Delusional, I know. But still, I'm open to suggestions for after school snacks and other kid-friendly goodies that I can try to recreate in a healthier and/or gluten free redux.

Oh, and since the kids are back to school, perhaps now would be a good time to explore a new interest or spend more time pursuing an existing hobby, such as cake decorating. I have my "Enjoy Cake Decorating" classes scheduled on Thursday and Saturday mornings at the Rec Center, and the following Wilton classes at Hobby Lobby in September: Gum Paste and Fondant on Thursday evenings and Decorating Basics on Saturday afternoons. The cool thing about the Hobby Lobby classes is that students who take a Wilton class at Hobby Lobby in September will receive a $10 "Thank You" coupon from Wilton, which includes a $7 shipping allowance. That's a great deal because normally Wilton shipping charges are extortionate. Plus, this means you can pick an item from the Yearbook for $10 or less and it's free. More information on the above classes is posted on my Upcoming Class Schedule page.

One last thing... there's only one more day left to enter the UPrinting poster giveaway. The prize is a custom 18"x24" poster. Entries are still low, so you have a good chance of winning!

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