Friday, February 25, 2011

Krusteaz Sugar Cookie Mix

First off, let me just say I won't be buying or using Krusteaz Bakery Style Sugar Cookie Mix again. The dough was quick and easy to make and fine to work with, but I'm not pleased with the end result. I personally didn't try any of the cookies because of the gluten factor, so I can't speak to how they tasted. I'm just not happy with how they turned out.
I normally don't use mixes, and I had never made cookies from a mix before. I consider myself to be way too much of a food snob to take those sort of short cuts. However, I bought a box of this sugar cookie mix because I was short on time, and it was on sale. We were supposed to make and decorate cookies as part of the Yummy Treats Decorating Camp, but cookie day got canceled, so I wrapped up the dough and froze it to use later. (Oh, and apologies for not having photos of the cake pops we made. It was so busy that I honestly didn't have time to take any.) Whenever I make cookie dough ahead of time, I pat it into a big, flat disk between sheets of wax paper and then seal it up in a gallon-size food storage/freezer bag. This makes rolling out the cold dough easier.
In preparation for my cookie decorating class at the Rec center this weekend, for which I'll need some shaped cookies to demonstrate on, I decided to use up this cookie dough. I feel like I did everything you're supposed to do: I made the mix according to the instructions for roll-out sugar cookies on the back of the box, I thawed the frozen dough slowly in the refrigerator so it was good and cold, my oven was preheated to 375, and I even chilled the cookies after cutting them before baking.
Yet, despite all that, they still didn't hold their shape very well. I like clean edges and neat sides, not cookies that spread out into a blobby mess only somewhat resembling the original shape. Plus, some of them bubbled, and a few even stuck to the cookie sheet, which was left ungreased as per the directions. The spreading is really obvious in the bunnies, blossom flowers, and butterflies. The dresses came out a little better, and the spreading isn't as obvious on the Easter eggs thanks to their shape.
I know they'll look better once decorated, and I probably shouldn't be so picky, but I hate how instead of being a good firm-yet-crumbly texture they're actually kind of flexible and have a shiny finish to them. I had a non-gluten-intolerant tester handy to eat one that stuck to the sheet and fell to bits, and according to that person's discerning taste buds these just aren't nice cookies, which is a shame. I think the extra time investment to make cookies from scratch is generally well worth it in the end.

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