Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Shabtai Swag

In addition to the Meltaway Pecan Sandies, Ring Tings, and Raspberry Roll I talked about in my other blog post on Shabtai Gourmet, they also sent me a some Brownie Bites and Rainbow Cookies. Seriously folks, this bakery rocks! They make truly awesome gluten-free treats.
As I mentioned in my previous post, the products are sealed up on a styrofoam tray inside an outer box, so they're packaged to make sure everything stays fresh. I'm going to show you the Brownie Bites first.
These are like little brownie cupcakes, similar to the "two-bite" brownies you can get in the grocery store, only slightly larger, so maybe more like three-bite brownies. 
These brownies are very moist and more sweet than chocolaty, with a texture that's somewhere between fudgy and cake-like. As with the other goodies, nobody would guess they're gluten-free. These go really well with a scoop of coconut milk ice cream, but they're also great with a nice cup of tea or easily enjoyed on their own.

Now, I saved what I consider to be the best for last. My favorite product that Shabtai Gourmet sent me is their Rainbow Cookies. Oh, my.

These. Are. Awesome. I actually made some Rainbow Cookies last Christmas, only those weren't gluten-free, and mine didn't come out anywhere near as delicious as these. (Yes, I tried the ones I made last year even though they weren't gluten-free, and yes, I paid the price for it. Lesson learned.)
Rainbow Cookies are multi-colored layers of sponge cake, with a light almond flavor, that are sandwiched together with raspberry jam and covered in a rich chocolate glaze. My kids, who shy well away from anything if they hear me say it's gluten-free (and have even asked me if I can put the gluten back into to stuff I've made), loved these. NOBODY would know these are gluten-free. They are THAT good. 
I'm rather bummed out that my close-up picture is out of focus, because it really doesn't do them justice. I didn't realize it until it was too late, as the Rainbow Cookies were the first treats to disappear. Like I said, these are my favorite of all the goodies the generous folks at Shabtai Gourmet sent me, and are absolutely delicious. 

I would love to know their secrets as to how they can make all this yummy stuff gluten-free. I am thoroughly impressed! So, if you or someone you know is feeling deprived because they have restrictive food allergies, I highly recommend checking out the Shabtai Gourmet website, as they have a lot more products available in addition to the ones I've tried. Plus, they have the full ingredient lists posted for each product and much better pictures.

I received a selection of free products from Shabtai Gourmet in exchange for my honest review.

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