Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buddy Kicks Duff

Thanks to the popularity of reality-based television, there is no shortage of viewing options for those interested in the culinary arts. My favorite such show is Cake Boss on TLC. Buddy Valasto manages Carlo's Bake Shop, a family-run Italian bakery. This is not just a program featuring very specialized, expensive, over-the-top designer cakes that cost more than the average mortgage payment. Buddy runs a full service, traditional Italian bakery and still manages to churn out super impressive cakes in addition to all the other pies, pastries, and desserts.

Cake Boss airs Monday nights on TLC, or check out http://tlc.discovery.com/videos/cake-boss/ for more info.


Kyya Lewis said...

Hey Darla, I love Cake Boss also!

Brandy L said...

I tape Cake Boss every week and i absolutely love watching how they make the most elegant cakes to the funkiest looking cakes.