Friday, November 14, 2008

Cakewalk Offerings

I volunteered to donate some baked goods for the cakewalk in a preschool "Fall Festival" carnival fundraiser, so I thought I might as well display my efforts. Hey, it's the least I can do since I'm playing hooky from teaching classes next month. :)

Several weeks ago I baked an 11" by 15" white cake which ended up not being needed, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to clear it out of my freezer. I cut it in half and made a two-layer gift package cake with some marshmallow fondant.

This cake hardly took any time at all. I used the ribbon cutter/embosser tool pictured below to make the bow and ribbons, and when I ran out of white fondant I stopped adding decoration to the cake.

I then just added a simple bead border on the bottom with buttercream. The "Tiffany" blue was really an accident--a result of me mixing in the small amount of blue fondant I already had on hand, probably left over from the election cake.

I also had a chocolate cake in the freezer which needed a good home, so I thawed it out, iced it, and decorated it.

Now, before I get any "Oh, that's so Course 1" comments, I just want to say that I ended up being short on time, so I could not be as creative as I originally planned. Besides, this cake design works for just about any occasion.

As chance would have it, I also needed to use up some cake "scraps" I had in the freezer. It's no secret that I love the Bakerella blog, so this was the perfect excuse to try out her cupcake pops. Here are mine in progress:

And here they are all finished, sprinkled, and packaged (I was going for a holiday "festive" kind of look):

Now, I know my cupcake pops didn't turn out as neat and dainty as hers, but all in all I'm pretty pleased with them considering it was my first attempt. I'll improve with practice. Now, my photography will probably never be anywhere near as impressive as the other blogs, but that's just the way it is. :)

Oh, and I also made some cake pop pumpkins to match the basket.

My goal is to survive the multiple rounds on the cakewalk without my kids coming home with any of the items pictured above. One can only hope.

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