Aug 022008

In addition to my “Pick of the Crop” decorated cake, I’m entering 4 baked-from-scratch cakes in the County Fair (3 of them are recipes found in The Cake Bible). They’re all boxed up and ready to go because I have to turn them in first thing tomorrow morning.

My “fruit-iced” entry is a Lemon Chiffon cake with raspberry and lemon glaze. The glaze for this cake turned out a bit too runny, but of course I didn’t realize that until it was too late.

I’m also entering a chocolate cake with ganache filling and chocolate mousseline icing. I had some leftover ganache, so I used it to pipe roses and leaves on the top. I will most likely avoid piping roses with ganachefrom now on.

Below is my miscellaneous entry. It’s a “Golden Luxury” cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate icing. I’ve been wanting to put raspberries and vines on a cake for a while now. I nicked the idea from The Wilton School Decorating Cakesbook, page 69.

I forgot to add vanilla to my sour cream pound cake, so it will probably be bland. To try and compensate, I topped it with a sour cream and powdered sugar glaze. The shells around the bottom are to hide where some of the edge came out a little uneven.

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  1. >Where is your other entry?

  2. >the basket?

  3. >It’s posted under “County Fair Entry” at

  4. >Ok where is the state fair entry?

  5. >I haven’t posted it yet because *cough* I still haven’t finished it. Procrastination is my middle name.

    I had the option of turning it in today, but I absolutely MUST deliver it by September 4th. I’ll post pictures of it and the other cakes I enter when I get them all completed. :)

  6. >OK, I’ll quit pushing

  7. >LOL! It’s okay, I need to get off my lazy bum and do it. ;)

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