Wednesday, July 30, 2008

County Fair Entry

Pictured above is my entry into the County Fair Cake Decorating Competition. The theme for this year, according to the Premium Catalog, is still "Celebrate!" This has been the published theme for at least 3 years now. I guess typically anything associated with a decorated cake would be some sort of celebration, but I do wish they would come up with something a bit more specific. The Fair this year is dubbed "2008 Red, White, & Blue Ribbon Fair" so I went with that idea and incorporated a blue ribbon. 

I nicked--er, I mean I was inspired by a cake design on the cover of a 1999 issue of a British Cake Decorating magazine. The cauliflower, my least favorite of all cruciferous vegetables, gave me some trouble, and I'm still not too happy with it. Everything else was pretty straight forward. The cake is a 10" round styrofoam dummy on a 14" round cake drum. Instead of cupcakes, I used styrofoam balls to make the cauliflower and lettuce. Everything else is rolled fondant.

Below is a more aerial view.

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